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St. Cassian, Church of England

November    is    a    month    which    highlights    remembrance,    remembering    is important   to   our   lives   –   recalling   memories,   remembering   to   take   action   and just the act of remembrance. On   11   November   we   hold   our   Remembrance   Day   Service   at   St   Cassian’s   at   10 am,   concluding   the   service   at   The   War   Memorial,   followed   by   a   fly   past.   This year   we   will   remember   all   those   who   gave   their   lives   in   time   of   war,   especially those who, 100 years ago, took part in World War1. There   will   be   other   occasions   for   everyone   to   engage   with   during   the   month, something   for   all   ages   –   The   Chaddesley   Corbett   Parish   Servicemen’s   trail, Costumed   enactors   at   Harvington   Hall,   a   Silver   Band   concert,   Afternoon   Tea, Film   Show   and   an   event   at   the   village   school.   I   am   sure   that   you   will   all   have a copy of the programme of events. We   will   be   remembering   the   commitment   which   took   place   in   the   whole parish   to   the   war   effort.   We   will   remember   and   give   thanks   to   God,   we   will claim   his   promise   to   look   down   in   love   on   all   his   people,   living   and   departed and   that   he   will   hold   forever   all   those   who   suffered   during   times   of   war   and conflict.   We   will   remember   those   who   acted   with   kindly   compassion,   those who    bravely    risked    or    gave    their    own    lives    for    their    comrades    and    our freedom, those whose stories are unspoken and untold. How   wonderful   it   is   that   we   have   a   God   and   heavenly   father   who   is   loving, who   loved   us   so   much   that   he   sent   his   son,   Jesus   Christ   into   our   world,   to   die for us. He   is   a   God   who   is   compassionate,   a   God   who   brings   complete   peace.   As Christians we seek to follow Gods commandments as Jesus said – (John 15 v. 12   -17):   ‘This   is   my   commandment,   that   you   love   one   another   as   I   have   loved you.   No   one   has   greater   love   than   this,   to   lay   down   one’s   life   for   one’s   friends. You are my friends if you do what I command you’. Jesus   then   reminds   us   that   we   are   chosen   and   called   and   he   will   love   and support us as we seek to follow his commands. May   God   bless   us   as   we   join   in   the   act   of   Remembrance,   may   we   in   the recalling   of   memories   ,   remember   God’s   love   and   show   the   love   to   others   that has been given to us. Christine (Hickman-Smith) LLM St Cassian’s Kidderminster East Team

St. Mary, Roman Catholic

Mass Times Sunday :        8:30 / 10:30 Holyday:        8:30 / 19:00 Weekday Masses : Mon, Tues, Wed, - 08:30 - Thur, Fri : 11:30 Sat :  10:00 Services Times : Confession - Wednesday till Saturday after Mass or by appointment  Baptisms & Marriages - By appointment

Methodist Circuit

At Bromsgrove we offer worship in a variety of styles, mostly informal, always including readings from the Bible which will be explained and applied to today, songs and hymns some from the days of the Wesleys and many written in the last few years. Currently the majority of Sunday mornings singing is led by an organ but at least once a month by a worship band of different instruments and vocalists. During the week there are opportunities to join smaller groups to read, discuss and pray for each other. We offer God’s love in word and actions on site (see weekly diary); in homes (through for example Crosslinks Befriending) and in the community often in partnership with other Christian churches – for example Street Pastors.   If you come to a Sunday Service or week day activity we hope you will feel welcome. The church is committed to a Safeguarding Policy for children and vulnerable adults, has access for wheel chair users, T loop for audibly impaired people and large print word version of all that is needed in worship. (most of what we sing and say is projected on to screens). Oaks Community Church The Oaks Community Church meets at ‘The Oaks’ Community Centre at Harvington (on the main A 450, close to Mustow Green traffic island). The church meets every Sunday morning at 10:30am and every Friday evening at 7:30pm. Refreshments are also available after the services.


St. Cassian. C. of E. For service times and to contact Canon Hugh Burton .. <Link>
Chaddesley Corbett
Priest: Rt. Rev. Mgr.  Canon John Moran <Link> Harvington Hall Lane, Kidderminster DY10 4LR Phone: 01562 777319 19 Stratford Road, Bromsgrove B60 1AS Phone: 01527 835843 The Oaks Community Hall Worcester Road, Harvington. DY10 4NS Please contact John Davis on 07958 489994 or email john.e.davis@hotmail.co.uk