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Monday 27th July 1914

Suddenly, after weeks of seeming inactivity - though there has been much talking in various corridors of power - things start moving _

In Germany, William II (Kaiser Bill) returns home from his holiday cruise in the Baltic - having taken no part in any diplomatic negotiations so far..
Unexpectedly, Serbia agrees to all the humiliating Austrian demands, but the Austro-Hungarian Foreign Office Minister Leopold von Berchtold (the man whose stand on the Serbian issue was one of the contributors that led to Francis Ferdinand's assassination in the first place) denounces Serbia's reply.

Encouraged by the German Foreign Office, who offer their unconditional support to Austria's plan thinking that it will distract other European powers from their plans to capture France, Berchtold manages to convince Austrian Emperor Francis Joseph that victory against Serbia is achievable. 
Francis Joseph gives his consent for war against Serbia and Austrian troops mass on their their southern frontier.

This is the gateway to the village of Chaddesley Corbett, North Worcestershire, G.B. - the surrounding area, the people who live here - their business undertakings - their social and artistic activities - their sports and entertainments - etc - 

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The village of Chaddesley Corbett is located within the Parish of the same name, in the Wyre Forest area of rural Worcestershire, half way between Bromsgrove and Kidderminster. 
Chaddesley Parish encloses the village of Chaddesley Corbett and the hamlets of Lower Chaddesley, Cakebole, Longmore, Brockencote, Red Hill, Mustow Green, Harvington, Danesford, Bellington, Barnett Brook, Hill Pool, Sion Hill, Drayton, Drayton Mount, Bournes Green, Tanwood Cross, Tanwood,  Bluntington, Dor Hall and Woodrow; all of whom guard their identity jealously. 
Well you do; this is English Village life we're talking about !

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July 26, 2014